Monday, May 14, 2007

It takes a lot to love!

Here’s my take on what it takes to love, the evergreen (or red?) topic, from what I have noticed:

1) You got to be shameless – To pass through those times (which seem to occur often) when the other person doesn’t seem to care for you, but you still got to hang on coz love is self-less (wow!)
2) You need lotz of time – To analyze every thing that happened between both of you, get to the bottom of it, search for hints that might suggest the other person’s interest in you waxing/waning and then get excited/worried
3) You got to have lotz of money – To call/meet the other person on a regular basis, lest he/she might start doubting that someone else caught your interest for the day

Apart from these, having your emotions ridden by their moods, your precious smile at stake, half the time trying to defend them against any unpleasant feelings they might arise in you as a result of their inactiveness in many situations concerning you, the rest judging if your active participation in events concerning them is being appreciated or resented or being left unattended…huh…tiring even to think about all this, isn’t it?

After all this, finally when the day comes when you realize that you can forget your love and fall for another person or remember but don’t mind going out with another, then just think of those days when you yearned for him/her, and you realize that it was the yearning for love and not the person exactly. So, if you got to forget your love and move on in your life, never mind. Chances are you may get it again. After all, love is not so uncommon too! Not sure about the self-less part though.

P.S: Anyways, guess it’s a lot easier to live with a person than having to love him/her.
Again, only expereince can tell…


Gaurav said...

For those whose feelings are reciprocated, true love exists; where things dont work out, it's termed as an infatuation :)

I won't agree on the money part you mentioned, but yeah consumes lot of time and energy.But then its worth the effort when things go fine ...or else its a waste ! I keep on oscillating between a hopeless romantic and a pessimist in these matters.

Way back in college we had a discussion on whether people fell in love or loved the idea of being in love.
The view points vary according to the individual circumstances.

Rekha said...


Hmmm...this piece is more from my observations abt those ppl who believe true love exists! Their conditions/feelings at various points of time...
If u dont even believe,not many problems! (This is frm my exp.)

vasu said...

Have you ever been in love? Doesn't look like it. You might change your opinion once that happens.

Rekha said...

I agree with u TOTALLY!