Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Apart from bureaucracy…

The word ‘Government’ is often associated with bureaucracy and corruption. And, it has its reasons. But there are few departments of Government, which I would associate with trust and safety. They are our postal and public transport. You may disagree but my experiences till date say otherwise. Though we have a wide variety of choices available for the dipatch of important documents in the form of private and professional couriers, I still somehow trust postal dept. when it comes to reliability. The same is the case with public bus transport. Though there is a huge network of auto-rickshaws available at our disposal, I prefer public bus when I have to travel to places unknown/far away. They not only save you from the trouble of having to alter your eye between the roads and the ever-running meter but help you identify your destination safely. I still am thinking as to what made them different. Is it the motive behind or the system itself or just dumb luck?


Gaurav said...

With all the advantages a Public Transport System has, very few cities in India can boast of a professional and consumer-friendly service (and not the ones with commuters dangling out of doors risking their lives).
While they have been setup for public convinience, it's pretty evident most lacked proper planning, foresight and regular upgradation and maintenance. A lot of people use them for lack of better option on both points - monetary as well as the reach.The tax-payer definitely deserves better.

Rekha said...


It might bring some relief for u to know that most of the buses in Bangalore have closed doors. So, no hanging around the doors even if u want to(I know ppl who like to). Also, the AC buses in summer are defintely a relief to many.(The price is double tht of the normal bus though)