Monday, March 22, 2010

The first quarter of my life!

Agreed, I may not make it to the final quarter but the first one was as it should be. Youthful, energetic, enthusiastic, full of ambitions, dreams, colours! Most of it went smooth with occasional hiccups to give it a reality touch. The first ten years, I was busy packing mud into chocolate wrappers, pushing empty trucks, making sand houses, dancing in the fog of mosquito fogging machine taking it for clouds and running after grasshoppers and butterflies. Summers were even busier and lovelier with 8 cousins in our granny’s house playing everything under the sun never with any other intention except having fun. The next 10 years I spent learning, competing, making ambitious plans for future, altering them, taking U-turn and making completely new plans and putting in lots of efforts in preparing myself for them. The next 5 years, though, I was in self-discovery mode. I began to explore myself, uncover my hidden talents, and ignite my latent passions, travelled as much as I can, did a bit of adventure, met people, and made friends. Perfect! But, all this while, I never cared about anything, was afraid of nothing, never saw myself in the mirror for more than a couple of seconds nor took time to eat the essential things or learn the necessary skills to live. But, as I entered into the second quarter of my life, it seems as if life switched gears suddenly, for the good I guess. It’s quite different now to see myself making conscious effort to eat healthy, take care of my skin, my hair and learn a bit of cooking and cleaning. Though people at home have been stressing the importance of these things since ages, my otherwise sharp brain could grasp this only after I finished the first quarter of my life. Spending time on this stuff was unthinkable for me a couple of years ago, but now I completely believe it is essential! This is what people probably call ‘maturing with age!’ I have no clue, do you?