Monday, September 21, 2009

Communism to capitalism

There was a time when I was completely driven by the communist ideas. Probably it was in my blood with my grandfather being a staunch communist. It also may have got something to do with me growing up in his room after his death though I can’t be sure. Whatever it was, as a teenager, I grew up harbouring grand ideas about building an orphanage chain and visited quite a few orphanages in that context. Then came my graduation days when I started discussing with like minded people and realized what the Chinese once said actually makes lot of sense! (For the uninitiated - “Catch a fish for a man and he is fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he is fed for life”). So, the idea metamorphosed into building a chain of vocational training centres for youth. After discussions with well-wishers, it further evolved into joining the civil services for the greater good. And by this time, I completed my graduation and moved to mumbai to join my first job. Preparations for civil services were going on with full swing. It was during that time, on one fine day while I was poring over my sociology notes that the power of reasoning struck me like a thunder. What and how much did I intend to achieve by helping a few people help themselves and struggling my entire life to make it happen? It might give me a feeling of self-worth but is it the best possible way? I felt the need to explore, learn more before I can put my faculties to the best possible use. I began to think and Ayn Rand, through her writings, added fuel to the fire. I realized that there is lot more to me than just the sympathetic side I was trying to address. There is definitely a desire to create and produce things, to take the society to the next level, to contribute to the humanity and enable a better living. But, there is an even more burning desire to explore and excel. Preparations continued, but this time for MBA. Communism turned to capitalism and my desire to excel continues, till something else strikes!