Friday, February 03, 2006

I, Me, Myself...

I think of myself as a passenger in a bus, running on the roads of time towards a destination yet unidentified. Sitting comfortably in one corner near the window, I like my role of a composed observer, objectively looking at the events happening around me. Some of the events go unnoticed, some disturb me for a while, while some leave a lasting impression. Each event has its own impact on me, adding to the experiences of my journey. And I learn from every experience just to welcome a new one each time. The occupants of the seat beside me keep changing and I never place any restrictions on them.
I accepted the people already present in the seat even before I came and got comfortable with people who later occupied it. I did have problems while accepting people and did feel uncomfortable at times. But the window beside me bringing in the air of change gives me a better chance to reflect on the present, to stare back at my past, to peep into the future and adjust accordingly. I always keep the window open but respect the private life of others and expect no intrusion into mine.I love my silent tears as much as my times of laughter. I like to share my experiences with others and help make their journey more comfortable, though only on invitation, except in few cases where the situation or relation actually demands. The journey is made up of various moments of which some are beautiful, some anxious, some memorable, some unforgettable but I cherish each moment of my journey, as it never repeats itself.