Tuesday, February 20, 2007


For few people education means something other than a means to get a job. And few employers would deny that experience counts more than many other qualities. In that case, if I start working at an early stage in my life, earning my wages, gaining experience, I don’t understand why anyone should have a problem. When I do not find either history or calculus helping me much nor do I find that my brooding over the reproductive system of cockroach earn me anything, why should I be forced to do anything like that? If someone is really concerned about my well-being, he/she can give me a loan when I feel proficient enough to set up a mechanic shop after gaining a thorough understanding of auto parts at the garage where I started my work as a cleaner. But I really cannot understand their intention of snatching away my job from me, handing me books on atoms and circles while my heart wanders around auto parts and later tell me that I am unemployable because I neither have experience nor high percentages. I find this bewildering. Either the employers should train me and employ me or I should be handed books that make me employable. When they are not ready to do either of the things, they should allow me to do what I find more convenient. I guess I made myself clear enough…if you still hold any doubts, you can always find me at the local shop few steps down your street.

‘Child Labour’

Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting too personal?

I have a reason for this long absence from blogging. It is not any exam or lack of intriguing thoughts but a soul-searching question for which I am yet to find an answer!
“How much of myself can I expose to the outer world?” I am not afraid to but the question is about the necessity. How far and how much is it essential for people around me to know me? I can simply keep writing and allow you to decide to read the essentials. But then, why would I write something that is not necessary for others to know. At the same time, how am I to be sure that the observations that I made in my life, though little and few would not benefit others, as I myself depended many times on other’s observations to learn! Then comes the question of the purpose of my blog. I have used this as an outlet for the thoughts and emotions that have occurred or disturbed me and also to know your opinion about the same. To bring clarity to my thought process and benefit from yours! To help myself, and in the process you, know me more. And there is this undeniable passion for writing. But, the question still remains – How far can I take it?

Update on 06/04/2007 :-
I have taken it quite far today (Refer to the post with this date);
I want to overcome few shortcomings and chose to do it this way!