Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting too personal?

I have a reason for this long absence from blogging. It is not any exam or lack of intriguing thoughts but a soul-searching question for which I am yet to find an answer!
“How much of myself can I expose to the outer world?” I am not afraid to but the question is about the necessity. How far and how much is it essential for people around me to know me? I can simply keep writing and allow you to decide to read the essentials. But then, why would I write something that is not necessary for others to know. At the same time, how am I to be sure that the observations that I made in my life, though little and few would not benefit others, as I myself depended many times on other’s observations to learn! Then comes the question of the purpose of my blog. I have used this as an outlet for the thoughts and emotions that have occurred or disturbed me and also to know your opinion about the same. To bring clarity to my thought process and benefit from yours! To help myself, and in the process you, know me more. And there is this undeniable passion for writing. But, the question still remains – How far can I take it?

Update on 06/04/2007 :-
I have taken it quite far today (Refer to the post with this date);
I want to overcome few shortcomings and chose to do it this way!

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Gaurav said...

I'd say a blog is not a personal diary, so need not be too personal (though there are quite a few who have personal diaries as blogs...nto sure how it helps).
another perspective on the same, from my friend Alistair -