Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Do some professions have an extra obligation?

Not every professional seems to have the same rights. Some seem to have an extra obligation, an extra responsibility than the rest of us, which we all are ready to point out to them as often as possible. A doctor is cruel becaue he wouldn’t operate after a certain time. An actor is irresponsible if he chooses to enact a role that is out of the norm (read Amitabh Bacchan in Nishabdh) or chooses to follow some rituals that don’t appeal to all. While the rest of us are free to do whatever we like and follow whatever we believe in, a doctor or an actor (for example) doesn’t seem to have such choice. Even if they went ahead and did what they want to, they receive the wrath of the society. Probably, few professional roles are not meant for everybody. Especially, not to people like me who don’t like to live life on other’s terms.


Karthik said...

Reminds me of a big discussion which i had with my buddies - about educational institutions making money. They were of the view that education is "sacred" and should not be treated as yet another money making avenue. I was firm that business is business - be it education or anything else !!

Life on other's terms - well.. Comes back to the same point - Is there something called Free Will ??

Rekha said...

"Is there something called Free Will ??"

It boils down to, probably, how much ego u can manage/maintain/carry along!

Sur said...

even i thinking about this after the 'abhi-ash' wedding.. read a really nice article by Shobhaa De on the same lines. check it out here.

Gaurav said...

Some more to add to the list, Judges, Journalists, Bureaucrats and Politicians (there's a debate whether it's public service or profession).I think all the professionals involved in direct interaction with the public at large are subject to greater scrutiny. And yes they do get the boquets as much as the brickbats.