Friday, June 01, 2007

My Time

I am quite possesive about my time. How I spend it and what I do each minute is very important for me. Not only with whom I talk, but also what and how much I talk come under my evalutaion at the end of the day. Is there a purpose for what I am doing and do I really want to do it or continue doing it are some of the constant questions in my mind. Behind all this is my belief that whatever I do should add some value to me as a human being. The conversations I have, the books I read, the movies I watch, and the places I go should add something to my understanding of the things around or bring some insight into the myriads of thoughts that cross my mind each day. Not that I don’t care about others but I believe that only when we evolve as a human being can we accommodate others and make their lives easier by showing greater tolerance and having lesser conflicts. To live and let live. I like to help others when they cannot do it on their own but would prefer that they learn to do it soon. I listen to others/their problems but would like to make sure that they really need to be heard. If they have other options, I prefer to be excused. I like the work that keeps my grey cells active but would prefer if it really adds value to those I believe it should. Of all the choices I have, I prefer to choose the one which gives the best returns for my time in view of the things mentioned above. However, there are exceptions. The time spent with nature, with my family and few friends take precedence at any time overriding the rest :)

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