Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Life is all about celebrations!!

Celebration of being alive, celebration of Ur smiles and sweet moments, of Ur strong and weak moments, celebration of moments of joy, celebration of Ur love, celebration of those moments of calm and peace within.

Here are a few precious moments in my life -

In the gorai beach in Mumbai

In the railway station in Coimbatore

On the hill top in Lohgad

In the waterfalls in Lonavala

On the window sill in Mumbai

On the banks of the river in Kolad

On the way to boat ride in Ooty

In Raghuleela mall in Mumbai

In kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada

What makes these moments so special and close to my heart? Simple. They are those pure moments in my life, which remind me that my life is worth celebrating.
Each one of us has such moments, don’t we? Try making a list and feel the thrill while I hope that my list grows with each passing moment :)


Shallu Goyal said...
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Shallu Goyal said...

Hey very nicely posted lines...:)
i myself really believe in
" Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"
and the presence of one's family and close frds makes it a beautiful reality...

Vibhushan said...

Indeed, this is one exercise which I love to do often. The moment of listing down happy moments itself has been such a happy moment for me always :) Check this (this is not selling/mktg of my blog, but I had written something on happy moments of my life, which I think you would be interesting in reading :)

Sravan said...


Your new office friend said...

wow I love your posts! They are sweet, simple, and make me smile :)Good Stuff!