Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Before Leaving…

Here are few things about Bangalore, the city in which I stayed for nearly a year.
First coming to my mind are the gardens, which I feel, make the best part of the city. Especially the flower show in Lalbagh Gardens is good enough for a flower lover like me to fall flat.
Second, the Bannerghatta National Park, which though not so uncommon, attracted me with its butterfly park, the first of its kind in the country. Especially when you realize that it’s been ages since you have seen one in a city!
Third, the Bengalooru Habba, the cultural festival of Bangalore, where we were witnesses to some brilliant performances from India and abroad. Thanks to Airtel and others for sponsering the free passes to all the performances!
At this point, Rangashankara, the theatre showcasing bright talent, needs to be mentioned. Enjoyed the plays and the ambience of it too.
The frequent showers in the evenings were a welcome if you ignore the roads clogging.
Apart from this, I have to admit that I didn’t find the city very interesting or exciting.
Probably the lack of proper means of transport after 9 p.m. added to the dullness. Though, the Volvo AC glass buses in bright red colour, a BMTC initiative, caught my fancy for a while and the sight of few bus drivers acting as conductors at the same time came to me as a surprise, and I felt that the windows on the roofs of the buses through which you can spot the stars while struggling to place your feet on the floor was funny, the fact is that you need to own a vehicle if you want to explore the place in the night.
In the end, to me, it was just another episode in my long journey…

P.S: While Mumbai changed my life, Bangalore made sure it remained the same!


Sameer Jain said...

Hmmm...and wonder what delhi is going to do to your life!

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