Thursday, July 30, 2009

Retrospecting recession...

It’s been more than two years since I have last posted and many things of significance have occurred in my life as well as in the world outside. But one thing which has affected all of us in common has been the recent financial crisis and I must tell you I am glad that it hit the year I have post-graduated from my MBA. It felt worse when it hit and it still feels sometimes but the truth is that while the rest of the world has become risk averse, I seem to be more willing to tread the paths that I otherwise wouldn’t have. It has given me a chance to explore the possibilities in my career which I would have overlooked in normal circumstances. I have also realized that it brought forth my latent networking skills, underscored the love and support of my family without which I wouldn’t have been able to put up a brave fight and demarcated those friends who stood by to listen and offer their 2 cents of advice and encouragement. It has thus brought me much closer to my family and friends apart from adding new ones, and helped me look at things from a more comprehensive viewpoint than the usual one-way focused approach I used to follow. I am glad to say that I am better prepared to take the plunge into my new life and career now, thanks to the global recession at this point of time J

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