Sunday, August 02, 2009

Being Selfish?

I knew myself as a sweet girl who really loved and cared about others. Especially when it came to making others happy, I always used to put in my best efforts. I remember spending most of my pocket money in buying gifts for my friends and I used to love doing it. If I got some money in the form of scholarships or prizes, I used to buy gifts for my family. Even during those short trips that I used to go for, if I ever bought anything, it used to be for someone else. Even when I got my first job, I bought gifts for all my loved ones and even paid a visit to the orphanage where my family members used to be the patrons. Once again, I got my first salary after my MBA, and all I did was to buy a gift for myself! As I mentioned in the earlier post, I do love my family and friends as much as I used to or probably more. And I don’t intend to draw any conclusions from this incident as yet, but I just wanted to make a note of this for future reference.


rajkumar said...

nice to hear about you keep it up Rekha may u r dreams come true

Sameer Jain said...

ummm ... i want to help you re-discover your past 'gifting' self rather than your present 'gifted' self. And so I offer myself as a guinea pig - you can get me a gift the next time you see me. :)