Sunday, November 08, 2009

Basic Instincts!!

They were right!! Our ancestors were animals!! No, I haven’t done any research on this topic nor did Darwin come in my dream and convince me. I could just feel it in me, all that immense force, the raw power, and the ruthlessness of a hunter while I work to reach my goals. I could not but associate these qualities to my ancestors. I could associate the forces within me to the roaring of a sea so much so that I could hear the same sound from the waves and within. The passion which fills me up at times is so overpowering to behave sanely in this sophisticated world. My ruthlessness at work sometimes puts my more suave fellow mates at unease. I sometimes wonder if somehow my ancestral roots are stronger than the rest or the others managed to sever them sooner. I just thought your comments might help me in figuring out J


Vijay said...

Our ancestors were animals...yes..they were living in a unprotected environment and had to hunt to protect themself from the wilderness around and to feed them..It was their basic requirement.. (Karma)

Sea roars because of the natures gravitational pull and it does roar to scare someone off or threaten things around..

Really not sure if you are associating your ruthlessness to the same things as mentioned above...?? :P

You asked for help and i just tried to do my bit...:-)

shravankon said...

♥ Don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out of it alive anyways.

Vijay said...

@shravankon - well said..!! :-)

Sameer Jain said...

yea, i know this feeling - but be careful with this one. Your passion should not translate into looking at others as morons or any lower - everyone has a different end goal in life, even though they may not know it yet.
-- A saintly piece of free advice ... you ASKED for it!!

Rekha said...

You pretty rightly put it! Thx dude :)

As long as there r guys like u, I can get along with the rest of the world ;)