Monday, December 04, 2006

I love exams...I love prep. even more!!!

I pay for atleast 4 exams a year. I prepare for them too. I attend all of them. Everytime, I come out of the exam hall thinking about my next exam. Never about the result. I am one of those who believe that journey is more important than the destination. And true to it, I have always enjoyed my preparation and cherished it more than the result. You might think it is because the result was never good enough to be cherished. I do not think so. Even if the result was upto my expectation, what next? The journey has to begin at the next level and you have to face the next exam. A good result takes you to the next exam soon. A not-so-good result will help you learn better ways of tackling the same thing and when you begin your next journey a little later, you are better prepared. In this never-ending journey, which we call life, isn’t equipping yourself with the required skills more important than anything? Atleast, I feel so. My preparation has always helped me in equipping myself with all it takes for a comfortable travel. Result, to me, is just a transition from one part of the journey to the next. If the transition gets delayed, it only helps me to be better equipped. If not, I have to work harder in the next part of my journey to cope up with the task at hand. Ultimately, it’s all about me learning. Does it really matter when I do it, as long as I do it? On the spur of the moment, it seems as if it really matters, but in the long run, does it?

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R.K said...

well written "The journey has to begin at the next level and you have to face the next exam", yeah thats very nuch true and thats the way life goes. keep up your spirit