Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Indifference Syndrome

When a natural calamity occurs, my grandmother used to say, ‘This is one way God punishes us for the mistakes that we have done in the past’. When the serial blasts occurred in local trains of Mumbai, I knew not what to think. Somebody wants to punish us, may be the devil this time. We are often subject to such punishments but little do we think about the cause or the actions that should follow to avoid further punishments. Just as God chooses some areas to show his anger on the entire mankind, these people have chosen the local trains of Mumbai for their anguish on perhaps, all or some people in India. Though I do not know their logic, if there is any, behind these insane acts, I think their assessment goes something like this. There may be hundred people getting affected by each bomb blast. Their families will suffer the loss and later get used to it. After all, there is a lot of suffering around and these insane acts probably arise out of such suffering by agitated few. Government authorities will be busy making reports to cover up their inefficiencies. Political parties will have meetings as to how to exploit the scenario and to decide what kind of riots can follow these blasts. All those people who have heard of the blasts will talk about it for some time and later forget it completely, our memories regarding issues concerning public at large, being very small. Not to mention the huge indifference syndrome we suffer from and the price we pay for it often. Our indifference is the devil’s encouragement. The opinion ‘Nothing can be done’ prevails. But I am not convinced. Nothing was done till now. The tide needs to be turned. It needs to be given more thought than the less-than-10-minutes time spent thinking about it. We might reach a point where we all get obsessed with the necessity of a solution and a solution might come. We might be able to fight the devil. I will try my best. Hope the same with you.

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