Saturday, April 22, 2006

What happened when clouds went on strike?

Life can't go on without money in one's pocket, I once thought.
I later heard that bank employees went on strike and lakhs of people still led their lives. (Did somebody not?)
If half the public transportation stops in places like Mumbai, life gets stalled, I once thought.
I later heard that buses went on strike and life still went on. (Will you deny?)
But what happened when clouds went on strike?
Lots of farmers in various places committed suicide and if you ask me who is responsible,
I would say you and me have a fair share too.
Courts may not sue us but Conscience definitely does!
And for people who live by it, it is a trial everyday.
We allow people to cut trees, we allow our vehicles to pollute the air, we waste lot of water
and we expect the clouds never to go on strike!
And if they do, don’t we all share the blame?
In a way, doesn’t this make us responsible for the suicides of many an innocent farmer? (Innocent, I call them because they still make a living through productive activities like farming unlike many who loot other’s wealth. And if it is nature’s wealth, we know, few people complain)
Don’t we all agree that rain is one of the best gifts of Nature?
Isn’t it our responsibility to safeguard those gifts, without which we can hardly live?
Would you call me ‘an emotional fool’ if I make a promise today that I will never do anything which hurts nature and which might lead to the death of many brethren and shout aloud too, to people saying
‘Let’s preserve nature and save ourselves’.
If only my shouting helps…

P.S: The fact remains that, however hard we try, we can never replace what our Mother Nature provides us, with anything we create. At best, we can only protect them!


Nikhil Kamma said...

You write EXTREMELY i know u? or did u happen to see my blog?

Nikhil Kamma said...

Hey I thought that was you...cua I know only 1 Rekha...but I did not know you write so well...keep it up.Hey and how are things at ur end?And also good to know that we are zodiac-mates.