Friday, March 31, 2006

Silent Hour

When someone is silent, people tend to ask, 'Is something wrong?'
And that question always leaves me in surprise.
Is silence a symbol of sadness?
At least, I never thought so. To me it is the most precious time.
Let me tell you, i always thought we should have a class called 'Silent Hour' in our schools and colleges.
An hour when we remain silent in the midst of many people just to observe many things which we otherwise do not care to.
An hour when we can peep through the windows to catch a glimpse of the sunset or get the feel of the evening breeze
An hour when we can pay attention to the adroitness of a spider building its web in the corner of the room or to the ant meticulously working to gather food for its future, just to learn more from them than from any other lecture.
An hour when we can listen to our inner most feelings, acknowledge our passions and bring to life our almost dead emotions.
Most importantly, an hour when we can completely be ourselves without the necessity to act or impress others.
I have always loved my hour of silence as it has helped me in learning more about myself and my surroundings more than any amount of talking could have.
What about you?


Alistair D'souza said...

yeah silent hours are the best. to look inside you just close your eyes and let go... and then you drift :-)

some also call them retreats but you need not be in a large group to have your silent hours. Also sometimes it helps to look back at events in third person so as not to let prejudice take over.

Anonymous said...

...I also have same doubt about silence..u know.. If I am silent many people people ask me "is your health is good>?"I don't understand y they ask....If ur sick one time, that means u will b sick forever?.......

I have been reading your blogs for the long time....I already know you up to some level..but after reading these blogs .. I can understand what you are....great reader of LIFE.. great understanding....I hope to gain some thing from .....