Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Shud the poor have children???

She stood in the railway station staring at a mother cuddling her child answering the questions the little one is asking with her eyes wide open. She felt that they are in a different world enjoying each other's company to the fullest. “In the world of unknowns, to the daughter, her mother is the only acquaintance and in the world of indifferent people, her daughter is the mother’s only solace”, she thought. As she imagined herself in the position of the mother, tears rolled down her eyes and her memories went back to that day which she can never forget.
On that day, a group of youngsters came to the place where they stay. They carried with them some banners and placards which she could not read but was told that the team belonged to some organization working towards a better society. They gathered all the people of her place and started explaining about some terms like "per cap incom" which she however did not understand. “Whats the point?", they said when you can't give your children proper education and cannot even feed them. They said that those children would only add to the illiterate and the malnutritioned."It's no good either for the children or for u", they repeated. She did not pay much attention to their words as they did not make much sense to her. But when they concluded saying that, with regards to their welfare and of the society at large, the poor should not have children, she felt horrified at the very thought. She then looked at her husband, who seemed to be deep in thought and nodding his head in agreement. This left her petrified. The team left saying that they will be back next week with arrangements for some surgery which would help prevent having children and asked those people, who are ready to get operated, to sign in. They also announced merrily that not only women but also men can get operated regarding this and it was then that her husband, inspite of the hue and cry she raised, put his thumb impression on the paper handed over to him. Before she fainted off, she could see many people standing in the line for leaving their thumb impressions on the paper.
The whole of next week, there was havoc in their house, with her husband trying to explain that it was for their well-being and that of the child, whom they may not be able to bring up properly, that he agreed for the operation and she, weeping and punishing herself with little eating and drinking. Just as her husband was about to change his mind giving in to her strong desire for having children, the week passed off and the day arrived when the team has come and put up a tent near their place. Her husband, who felt it is his duty to stand by his word, walked silently into the operation theatre, leaving her with a broken heart.
All her dreams shattered in an hour. She was born and brought up poor, never went to school, did not eat thrice a day, but she always had one thing in abundance and thanked God for it and it was her mother's love. Her mom loved her through her ups and downs, cared for her thoughout, fed her though she did not eat and hugged her whenever she felt cold. Her mom's endless love for her was all that she desired. As she lost her mom recently and was looking forward to redeem the relationship with her child, came these people who said that they want to see a happier world and she is to sacrifice her most precious gift, her motherhood, for that just because she is poor. Can she ever forgive them? Will it be right on her part if she prays God not to give children to those who denied it to her? After all, they believe that children are there only to be well fed and well educated.


Sameer Jain said...

What a topic to write on! See, this is what happens when you become a nocturnal creature.
Well thought of and well composed!

Rekha said...

Hey Sameer...I happened to have a discussion on this topic with some of my friends and i preferred to write my opinion the next day(again in the form of a short story,as u call it) rather than argue with them on that,the result is this post :)

Nikhil Kamma said...

I have myself thought a lot abt this subject. I cannot speak for anyone but myself...and I say this...if by some twist of fate(a 3rd world war maybe) I reach the drains...I'll NEVER have kids. Wudn't want my loved ones to suffer.

Rekha said...

Nikhil,ur perception of suffering is different frm mine...I am not sure if I consider poverty a great suffering, there are worse thngs in life...u might say,I have not experienced, so I have no idea but I say the same thng to u too...after all,the poor many not always feel that they suffer so much tht they can't have children!